Our Services

Dry Needling

Dry needling (acupuncture) can be used to relieve muscle pain and assist in improving functioning of muscles.

Post and Pre-Operative Care

We assist patients to prepare for upcoming surgery, with education and support leading up to the operation, including preparatory exercises, hiring of crutches and guidance on their correct use. For post operative patients, we provide support, guidance and exercise progression within the limits of post-op protocol.

Sports injuries

We treat athletes of all ages and abilities, providing treatment and prevention to allow patients to get back out playing the sport they love, safely and pain-free.

Women's Health

Our women’s health physiotherapist Sally provides specialised treatment of conditions specific to women including pregnancy and post natal issues, leakage from the bladder and bowel, pelvic girdle dysfunction and rehabilitation. Sally also provides treatment for bladder and bowel problems, management of persistent pelvic pain conditions and sexual dysfunction, as well as pre and post prostatectomy physiotherapy.


Our trained bikefit physiotherapist Jason can adjust your bike to your specific measurements, creating the most optimal and efficient position on your bike. Benefits of this process include pain management and injury prevention, improving performance and allowing for the most comfortable ride possible.

Thermoplastic Splinting

We make custom thermoplastic splints used to stabilise, and protect injuries such as fractures, as well as uses in tendon management, and support post-operatively.

Lower Back Pain

Our physiotherapists target pain relief, building resilience and confidence in the strength of the back. Treatment focuses on minimising pain and improving trust in back strength through advice and education, manual therapy and specific home exercises.

Tendon Pain Management

Targeted pain and inflammation management to increase confidence and encouragement of the gradual exposure to normal functioning. This is achieved through specific exercise prescription and pain relieving techniques provided by our physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy treatments for athletes in Geraldton