Comprehensive physiotherapy treatments in Geraldton

Geraldton Physiotherapy is a first class physio clinic with a wide range of physiotherapy treatments in Geraldton

Our registered physiotherapists have passed all state exams and have breadth of experience in the science of physiotherapy. We ensure that we work with you to restore functional independence to your musculoskeletal system. So for all your physiotherapy treatments in Geraldton, Geraldton Physiotherapy can help you. 

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Our professional physical therapy practice offers you a variety of services and specialisations, to effectively diagnose and treat any disorders or injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system.  We treat cardioplumonary, geriatric, orthopaedic, neurological and pediatric conditions with tried and tested methods to help restore your body to its optimum capacity.

Physiotherapy for all ages

As you get older, back pain and arthritis can stop you from participating in activities you’ve always enjoyed. Physiotherapy treatments can help by working on problem muscle and joint conditions, so that you're physically at your best. Our team provides you with detailed instructions and exercises that can be completed at home.  That way, we can minimise the disruptions that muscle and joint conditions can cause to your life, helping you stay active so that you can continue to live your life to the fullest.

Sports injuries

Even the casual sportsperson is susceptible to injury, especially your feet, knees, arms and joints. No matter what damage you’ve done, our expert team can quickly diagnose and treat you according to your needs, so you can get back to enjoying the activities that you love.

Physiotherapy treatments for athletes in Geraldton